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Sack of Potatoes

Just keep adding soil and rolling up the burlap sack to get more potatoes all season long!

Hop plants - several varieties

Honey bees love hop plants!

Do your potatoes end up taking over more of your garden space than you want? Growing your potatoes in burlap sacks keeps them contained and also allows for better water retention and drainage.

Vertical gardens

Grow your herbs, flowers, and strawberries in an accessible and beautiful display. 

We build herb gardens for the home chef to keep close to their kitchen, as well as strawberry and flower gardens. Our most popular vertical gardens contain a mixture of all of the above. We always put a few flowers along the top to attract honeybees.  

We love custom orders for our vertical gardens!

You can use the hop cones to brew your own beer. Hops are also just fun plants to grow because they grow quickly and attract honey bees to your yard.

Succulent hanging baskets

These hard-to-find dwarf Meyer lemon trees will be happy outdoors during our warmer months, and can be brought inside during the winter.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about growing these amazing citrus trees in Idaho!

And more! Contact us.


  • Garden consultation

  • Natural pest control solutions

  • Personalized baskets and vertical gardens

  • Delivery in local area (fee applies) 

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